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Hair highlights significantly enhance personal and professional life by adding dimension, boosting confidence, and creating a striking appearance. 

Highlights save time and reduce stress with low-maintenance options like balayage or ombre, providing long-lasting, fashionable results. Socially, vibrant highlights improve interactions and relationships by giving a fresh, youthful glow.

Professional highlights ensure you look your best. The therapeutic process of getting highlights not only reduces stress but also allows for self-expression through customized styles. 

Overall, professional hair highlights contribute to confidence, health, and well-being, positively impacting various aspects of life.

Why Choose GAGA Salon for Your Highlights?

Exclusive Speakeasy Experience

Nestled in Hutto, Texas, GAGA Salon offers a unique, private “Speakeasy” experience. The salon values your privacy and exclusivity, which is why there isn’t even a sign advertising its presence. When choosing GAGA Salon, clients step into a hidden gem designed to provide personalized and intimate service.

Female-Owned Local Business

Supporting a local female-owned business is a fantastic choice! GAGA Salon is proudly owned and operated by Katie, a dedicated entrepreneur committed to providing exceptional hair care and styling services to the community.

Unmatched Client Loyalty

The loyalty of GAGA Salon’s clients speaks volumes. Katie, the talented stylist, boasts an exceptionally high client retention rate. Many of her clients travel all the way from Houston just to have their hair done by her, a testament to the quality and consistency of her work.

Celebrity Look-Alike Stylist

Experience the thrill of having your hair styled by Katie, who looks just like Lady Gaga! Her striking resemblance to the pop icon adds a unique and exciting touch to your salon experience. More than just a look-alike, Katie is a true artist dedicated to making you look and feel your best.

Highlights Service in Hutto, TX

At Gaga Salon, we believe in the power of beautiful hair to boost your confidence and highlight your unique personality. Our expert stylist, Katie is dedicated to creating breathtaking highlights that add depth, dimension, and a radiant touch to your hair.

Personalized Highlights

Katie understands that highlights are more than just adding color to hair—they’re about enhancing natural beauty and creating a look that complements each individual. By considering factors such as hair type, skin tone, and personal style, Katie ensures that every set of highlights is uniquely tailored to suit the client. From subtle balayage to bold, eye-catching streaks, every highlight is applied with precision and care.

Advanced Color Techniques

Staying updated with the latest coloring techniques is a cornerstone of Katie’s approach. Whether it’s the latest trends in foiling, balayage, or ombre, Katie uses cutting-edge methods to achieve stunning results. High-quality, professional-grade products ensure that the color not only looks vibrant but also keeps the hair healthy and strong. Clients leave the salon with beautifully colored hair that looks natural and sophisticated.

Long-Lasting Color Maintenance

Katie is committed to ensuring that the beauty of clients’ highlights endures well beyond the salon visit. Offering personalized aftercare advice and recommending the best products, she helps clients maintain the vibrancy and health of their highlights. Regular touch-up appointments and conditioning treatments are part of the comprehensive care plan to keep the color looking fresh and luminous.

Relaxing Highlighting Experience

Highlighting should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. At GAGA Salon, Katie provides a serene atmosphere where clients can sit back and relax while their hair is transformed. With a focus on comfort and customer satisfaction, Katie ensures that each client’s visit is a pampering retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Special Occasion Highlights

For those significant events where looking your best is essential, GAGA Salon offers specialized highlight services to help clients shine. Whether it’s for a wedding, a gala, or an important presentation, Katie will create a highlight style that enhances your natural beauty and complements your overall look. With expert attention to detail, Katie ensures that your hair will look stunning for your special day.

Pricing & Packages

At Gaga Salon, the Highlights service includes a full head of highlights and color in between with B3 (bond builder) to help keep hair strong and healthy during the process. Prices vary on length and density.

1 hour 15 minutes Starting at $135

Bookings and Availability

Salon Hours

We’re open from Wednesday to Saturday

9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


My daughter and I both go here. I have never had a stylist that could bleach my hair without damage, but Katie gets it exactly right every single time! She is fun to talk to, the salon is adorable, and I never leave disappointed. Highly recommend!
Shelly Joyner
Katie was great. She did exactly what I asked for. Short pixie cut and beautiful blonde highlights. Highly recommend Gaga Salon and Katie.
Robin Kulawiak
Katie is amazing! Not only is she super talented but she is super kind, a beautiful person inside and out. She has gotten my hair from brown to blonde, to purple to green to rose gold etc all within a year and my hair has remained healthy through it all. Any color I want and or style she achieves and it always comes out perfect and better than expected. We like to call her the hair goddess for a reason! Katie also has come to my rescue to fix my at “home hair dye jobs” or my at “hair home haircuts”and some how fixes my messes every time. She educates me on how to keep my hair styled, cleaned and healthy. She keeps my hair healthy and beautiful looking. I always leave her place of work with a smile on my face. Katie’s work environment breeds safety, happiness and has a colorful attitude which ensembles her character and what I always feel after leaving the salon. I highly recommend Katie & think that everyone should go and see her.
Caroline Bernhardt
Katie did an awesome job! I’m so happy I finally found a hair stylist that knows what she is doing and pays attention to detail! She fixed a mess from a well known salon in river oaks, I am so happy and pleased with the end product! I feel great and look great as a new mommy I needed this little mommy make over! Thank you Katie again!
Julie Bifano
Always great results! Katie is the best hair stylist in Austin!
Luxurious experience · Professional hair products · Amazing results
Lydia Olsen

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