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At Gaga Salon every Haircut & Style includes a shampoo and blow-dry style. Our stylist is extremely creative and is always looking to educate herself on the latest trends and techniques in the hair industry. Katie enjoys the opportunity to be creative, but also is respectful of giving her clients the haircut they want.

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How to make your hair grow faster?
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Grow Hair Faster
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Why does my scalp get oily?
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Oily Scalp FAQs
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Who is the best hair colorist in Hutto?

Reasons to Consider Our Salon:

  • We are a private “Speakeasy” type of Salon located in Hutto, Texas. 
  • We intentionally do not even have a sign advertising we are here.
  • GAGA Salon is a local female owned Business
  • Katie has an extremely high client retention rate. She has several clients that continuously drive from Houston to see her.
  • Katie looks exactly like Lady GAGA!! Come get your hair done by our Stylist who is truly an artist.
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5 Reasons Regular Haircuts Are Good For You

How often do you go to the salon for a cut? It must be once every couple months, when it starts getting too long and in the way. When it’s an emergency, that’s when you have to take care of it, right? But what if you want to try something new, or make an adjustment? Do you really need to go to a salon just to take care of hair length? There’s more that a high end salon can do for your hair than just cut it. Here’s five reasons to make more trips to the salon and treat your hair right.

  1. Your Hair Will Grow Back

When you get a bad haircut, how do you handle it? You wait, and it grows back on its own. That’s the best thing about the hair on our head, its rate of growth is the highest of all the hair on our body. It’s all part of evolution that keeps us cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The hair on our head grows for pretty much our entire life, unless it’s lost due to balding. So you don’t have to worry about losing it until it’s already completely gone. 


And, there’s another reason to get your hair cut. Your hair is always growing and regrowing up until it hits a limit. Once it does, it’ll start falling out naturally and regrowing from the root. If you don’t want to run your hand through your hair and pull out what feel like cobwebs, getting a haircut will slow the falling out process AND will make your hair grow back faster. Your hair wants to be long and cover your body, so when you keep it short, it’ll be compelled to grow back stronger. Regular haircuts can lead to healthier hair and a more stable growth rate.

  1. It’s a Social Club

Have you ever sat down in a chair at a salon, hairdresser or barber shop and just had a totally silent, no-talking experience? If you got a crowd of 1,000 people together and asked that question, one or two people might raise their hands. The fact is, haircutting is a social activity. It’s a place people can come to talk and get a little bit personal with their barbers, and that’s a good thing. You want to be friendly with the person handling scissors all along the top of your head and they want to be friendly with you.


Make a trip out of going to the salon. Bring some friends and talk about your day or your week with the barber. They get all kinds going through the shop because everyone needs a haircut and everyone has some kind of story. Chatting helps pass the time, and the treatments you can get done can be fun to do. No need to count the seconds passing by as your hair dries to set a dye in. If you treat the salon right, time will fly right by. It might take an hour but it’ll feel like ten minutes.

  1. It Can Be Risky, but Rewarding

Maybe you don’t get haircuts frequently because you’re shy, or you don’t have a lot of confidence in your looks. Or maybe you think your hair is as good as it can get. It’s perfect; it’s on your head and it isn’t leaving, and that’s all you need, right? They say it’s hardest to judge your own body because you can’t see so much of it. We often have a very biased perspective of how we look based on how we feel. But you know who will have a purer opinion of how you look? Someone who’s seen hundreds or thousands of heads just like yours.


Hair grows back, so why not lose a little to see how you like it? Salons are great ways to test your own limits and comfort without compromising your safety. The final decisions are always up to you, and if you don’t like it, you can always wait a while for the hair to come back and give it another go when you’re more confident. Use haircuts to build your self-image and your self-confidence to take challenges and be rewarded.

  1. Follow the Latest Fashion

Have you noticed the latest trends going on and how some looks are so the 90s? Some looks are always good but others can change unexpectedly and become mainstream. If you’re at all fashion conscious then you already know that your hair is another part of your wardrobe. A look that starts at the shoes ends at the tips, so you need to make sure you have your whole look in order. 


If you have the hair for it, you can cut it down to match the top tier fashions that are taking the celebrity world by storm, or manage what you have into new shapes and situations to match your own looks best. Take your inspiration with you and share it with the stylist, they’ll take a picture and turn it into a mirror by the time they’re done. 

  1. Start a Conversation

Did you get a new haircut? It’s the inevitable question you always get asked any time you change up your hair, even if you didn’t. But yes, perhaps you did. And you can answer why you got one, for any of the reasons that were already listed above. Getting your hair touched up is a great way to start conversations with friends or co-workers, from people who’ve always known you to the people you want to know a little bit more. It’s like asking about the weather, but with an added bonus that it’s all about you. It puts you and your story of your life in the spotlight, if only for a little bit.


What’s more, it shows that you take pride in your appearance and take care of your image. That’s a positive trait that is often neglected. If you want to be seen as someone who steps up and makes improvements, getting regular haircuts is a good way to show that you can keep a schedule, can notice details and have an eye for quality.