Wedding Hair Styles – Austin Texas

Wedding Hair Styles

 Wedding Hair Styles – Austin Texas

Finding the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day can be a daunting task. There’s so many factors to consider: what is your hair type, how long will it take to style, and does it match with your dress? On top of all that you’re also looking for something that looks good on everyone in the bridal party!

  1. What are some popular wedding hair styles in Austin?

One of the most popular wedding hairstyles for Austinites is an updo. This can be done on either long or short hair, depending on your preferences. For weddings with a garden theme, consider using flowers in elaborate arrangements to bring some extra special magic into your day – it will really impress guests! If you want something super simple but also very classy, braids are always a good idea. 

You can do this on dry or damp hair – experiment with both to find out which looks best for you! If you’re not sure what style suits you best, consult with one of our professional stylists who will be more than happy to give suggestions towards what your perfect look might be.
Professional hair stylist Austin TX

  1. How do I find a good stylist to cut my hair?

First, you want to look up some reviews on Yelp or Google. Should be easy enough. You can find out more about the stylist here at GAGA Salon Inc by visiting our website! Call us today and we can accommodate your needs too.

-GAGA Salon Inc
It’s not always about finding a good stylist, it’s also about what type of result will you get with them? We all have different opinions and tastes in hairstyles so if this person has a similar opinion to what you’re looking for then that could work well too! Good luck and don’t forget to leave a review once you’ve found someone 🙂

  1. What are the most popular colors for wedding hair colors?

This is a tough question to answer, since every color has an appeal and will look different on different people.

The most popular colors for wedding hair colors range from dark and dramatic to soft and romantic to natural and subdued. You’ll need to provide different examples or pictures of what you’re looking for so we can give you the best advice possible!

  1. When should I get my hair done before the wedding ?

When in doubt, consider doing the trial run at least a week before. That way, if anything needs to be changed, you still have time for it! The consistency of what stylists are seeing is usually not something they deal with on an everyday basis. So just give them some leeway if they ask you “what kind of updo do you want?” And remember-the experts are here to help!

  1. Do you have any recommendations of where to go or what products to use?

GAGA Salon, Inc is a hair salon in the city of Austin. It caters to professionals, brides and other people who require highly skilled hair stylists. Highly recommend for anyone looking for quality haircuts or color!

Some of their most popular services include balayage-sheltered highlights that can be created using a combination of ombre, pigments and tones to create dimension on the strands without making them feel jarring or overly processed. A consultation will help you determine what’s best for your hair color goals while monitoring your comfort level with the process so you look its best before walk out the door…

For more information on booking a wedding appointment, please reach out to us at 737-301-5733

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